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Parish Meeting Sunday, July 28, after Liturgy
This meeting will address the state of the parish,
projects, and upcoming fundraisers for the year.
All parishioners are asked to attend. 

Icon Screen Update
As we know, the icon screen is a beautiful and important part of our Byzantine Catholic tradition, and we are instructed to have one by the Ruthenian Recension, various popes, Vatican II, and the Archbishop.
We have been blessed with the opportunity, with the help of a generous donor, to purchase a full icon screen at a remarkable discount from a Byzantine Catholic monastery that, unfortunately, must close.
This will not be installed immediately, as a number of repairs and considerations must be made first. There will also be discussion regarding the icons for the screen and the Holy Place in general.
Please note that the original icons in the Holy Place will remain!
Further details will be available at the parish meeting.

Flea Market Saturday, August 24
Stop by for a variety of great deals!

We are currently accepting donations through August 11. We cannot acept books, electronics, clothes, or holiday decorations. Please call the parish office. Any donations left outside will be discarded, due to safety concerns. Thank you

Art, Wine, and Words
Sunday, Oct. 13, 2024
One-Time Only!

Mark your calendars for this exciting one-of-a-kind fundraiser, featuring an art auction, a raffle, and local poetry. More details to come!


Check back often for notices of upcoming events, as Covid19 restrictions are lifted.

Oct 20 2019

"The History of the Byzantine-Rite and the Ruthenian Church" lecture by Father Ivan Mina, took place on Sunday, October 20, 2019 in the Church Sanctuary.  

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