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Pittsburgh Byzantine Catholic Campus Ministry

Holy Spirit Parish is the host-location of the Eparchy of Pittsburgh's Byzantine Catholic Campus Ministry.

All are welcome to pray and learn with us.

The Eastern Rites, with their liturgical, spiritual and theological traditions, are an extraordinary gift to the Catholic Church and the beauty expressed in them is desperately needed in a time when the vision of the dignity and identity of the human person has been darkened.

Byzantine Catholicism reveals in the most distinctive fashion the beauty that lies in the externals of the Church and the liturgy, the inner life and holiness of the Saints and most especially in Christ Himself.

The Campus Ministry program will above all seek to perpetuate and deepen that vision for future generations of Byzantine Catholics to come.


All students are welcome to join us at Holy Spirit parish for our services.


Rosary ~ 10:25 AM

Divine Liturgy ~ 11:00 AM

If you are interested in learning how to lead Matins, please contact Fr. Michael!


Confessions ~ 11 AM - 12 PM & 6-7:00 PM

Vespers ~ 7:00 PM


Confessions ~ 6-7:00 PM

Liturgy ~ 7:00PM


Stay tuned!​

Contact and Connect


Facebook: Pittsburgh Byzantine Catholic Campus Ministry

Instagram: @byzcatholic_pgh

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